Why is it needed? Activated carbon in water purification.


Activated Carbon is used in water filter purifiers because activated carbon removes from the water most toxic organic compounds in water like pesticides and heavy metal organic compounds. So passing water through an activated carbon water filter purifier improves the taste of drinking water and also makes water safe to drink. Activated carbon also removes smells in water and makes cloudy water clear by removing colour causing compounds in the water. So activated carbon is a very efficient purifier of water and is widely used in water filter purifiers.

How Activated Carbon water filter works

Activated carbon is an extremely porous material that attracts and holds on its surface harmful chemicals by a process known as adsorption. Activated carbon water filter works by removing chlorine and most of the harmful organic chemicals in the water passing over the activated carbon and thus improves the taste of water and also removes bad smells in water.

There are many different types of activated carbon depending on the raw material from which it is made. Each type of activated carbon has its advantages in certain applications. For example, the coconut-based activated carbon has the higher iodine number and performs better adsorption. That why it is commonly used in water and air industries for purification.
How long does Activated Carbon Water Filter last

Activated carbon in water filters should be changed when it has been depleted and cannot purify water anymore. The pore structure of the activated carbon gets filled or saturated with the adsorbed pollutants and it cannot adsorb anymore. At this stage the activated carbon will start releasing some of the previously adsorbed pollutants back into the water flowing over it. This is called ‘breakthrough’.

When this happens, the concentration of pollutants in the treated water will be even higher than in the raw water being treated. The activated carbon filter cartridge must then be replaced before this happens. Most of the activated carbon filter elements say that they are good for so many litres of water. This quantity is based on a previously fixed standard quantity of contaminants in the incoming water. Your water may have more contaminants and so it is important to know the quality of your incoming water.


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