What you need to know about IQOS

The development of the cigarette industry is growing very rapidly. Starting from tobacco, cigarettes, shisha, vape, until now a new product called IQOS has emerged. 

IQOS comes from the word “I Quit Ordinary Smoke.” Its function is the same as other cigarette products that require tobacco. 

However, IQOS has a quite different concept. 

Users must purchase an IQOS device and purchase cigarettes that have been manufactured specifically for IQOS. After that, the user can insert the cigarette into the IQOS tool. 

IQOS will heat the tobacco inside the device, however, the way it burns is very unique. IQOS doesn’t actually burn the tobacco, it vaporizes the tobacco. 

Therefore, the smoke emitted by IQOS users is very low. 

After knowing how to use it, this time we will share information about IQOS that you may not know. 

Is IQOS Safer Than Cigarettes Tobacco? 

IQOS’ cigarettes are contained tobacco and chemicals just like the ordinary cigarettes, which makes the IQOS have the same threat to its users, it has the same cancer-causing substances in cigarettes. And some researchers have found that IQOS is in the higher levels to caused cancer rather than others device. 

IQOS Devices is not “FDA Approved” yet 

IQOS devices is not FDA Approved yet, but the FDA has stated that “permits the tobacco products to be sold in the United States does not meant the products are safe or “FDA Approved” 

Heated system is not proven to be safer than cigarettes 

Even though they said that heated tobacco is safer than ordinary cigarettes, the claimed about it is not truly true since there is not a data validation about it. 

Tobacco is just tobacco, no matter what kind of ignite you have made, it still produces more than 7,000 chemicals. 

Even though it contains fewer toxic chemicals, Philip Morris’ researchers stated that it does not mean it will lower the levels of harm to health. 

Which is why, you need to rethink and consider to use thi IQOS Device before you regret it. 

Smoke Cabin

Smoke Cabin

Smoke Solution develops a set of efficient filtering system that can remove most of the airborne pollutants. There is an automatic motion sensor installed in each of the cabin and alternatively regulates the speed of the filtering system according to the movement inside the cabin. For their filters, Smoke Solution uses its own produced CO 2 neutral coconut charcoal. The harvest of the coconut shells is in a sustainable manner, without posing any harm to palm trees, animal habitats or the environment.

The ashtrays of the smoking cabins are fireproof and self-extinguishable. Lighted cigarette thrown into the ashtray will be extinguished and thus remove the risk of fire. Smoke cabins are modular and freestanding, they can be resized and relocated to fit in different locations, and follow the user patterns.