Replace Your Air Filters


Air filters need regular maintenance. Either we clean it or replace it. Replacing home’s air filters is easier than you expected. If you are unsure about the size of the air filter that you need, remove the old filter first. There are sizes printed on the frame of each filter. If the filter is missing or illegible, use a tape measure to determine the length, width, and depth of the opening. Once you have a new filter, here’s how to replace it.

What you need is simply three tools: ladder or stool, screwdriver, and the replacement filter. The replacement processes start from setting up a ladder or stool to reach your cold air filter if necessary. Open the vent. Usually there is a screw to remove or a simple latch that just requires a flip to the opposite position.

Then, remove the old filter and put the new filter into place, making sure that the arrows on the edge face the correct way (Air flow moves from the room into the vent, so arrows should face away from you into the air duct). Finally, just close and latch the filter.

Additional tips:

Be sure your system is off and no air is being pulled through the vent before removing the filter. Dust and debris will be freely pulled into the system, potentially damaging it, and then re-circulated throughout your home without the protection of the filter.

If your home is dusty, your filter will need frequent maintenance.

Most home air filters need maintenance every 30-90 days.

Neglecting to maintain your filter may cause a breakdown in your system or start a fire. Be more hardworking!


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