Point-Of-Use AC Filters


Home AC treatment systems are quite straightforward. The AC is normally packaged in filter cartridges inserted into the treatment device. Water needing treatment passes through the cartridge, contacting the AC on its way to the faucet. AC filters eventually become “fed up” with contaminants and lose their ability to adsorb pollutants. The filters then need replacement.

AC treatment systems are typically point-of-use (POU) installed where they treat water used only for drinking and cooking. AC filters can be placed on the end of the faucet, on the countertop or under the sink. Under-the-sink models generally have more carbon and provide better performance and greater convenience than faucet or countertop models.

POU systems often have a bypass so water for purposes other than drinking and cooking can be dispensed at the tap without being treated. The bypass increases the life of the AC, reducing the time between filter replacements.

A point-of-entry (POE) system is more appropriate if there’re large quantities of contaminants. Or if contaminants pose a health risk from general use as well as from consumption. Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and radon are examples of this type of contaminant. These contaminants may get into the indoor air from water used for showering and washing. In such cases, a large POE system, which treats water as it enters the home, is more economical than a POU system at each tap.

Smoke Cabin

Smoke Cabin

Smoke Solution develops a set of efficient filtering system that can remove most of the airborne pollutants. There is an automatic motion sensor installed in each of the cabin and alternatively regulates the speed of the filtering system according to the movement inside the cabin. For their filters, Smoke Solution uses its own produced CO 2 neutral coconut charcoal. The harvest of the coconut shells is in a sustainable manner, without posing any harm to palm trees, animal habitats or the environment.

The ashtrays of the smoking cabins are fireproof and self-extinguishable. Lighted cigarette thrown into the ashtray will be extinguished and thus remove the risk of fire. Smoke cabins are modular and freestanding, they can be resized and relocated to fit in different locations, and follow the user patterns.

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