Parameters For A Good Air Purifier


Air purifiers are good helpers to keep air clean. An effective air purifier collects dust that is perfect for people living in large cities where plenty of these particles are hanging around. Meanwhile, those dealing with asthma and allergies also want for air filters for catching pollen and mite.

There is a third group of people – pet owners – who have a lot benefit from an air purifier. Although air purifiers are mostly efficient, there’re still some parameters to consider before deciding which one to bring it home.

How to Determine the Performance of an Air Purifier

There are three most important factors that constitute the performance of an air purifier: the air flow rate, the number of air changes per hour and the unit’s CADR rating. This article will handle the first two factors as the CADR rating entails more details.

Air Flow Rate

The air flow rate indicates how much air passes through the purifier over a certain period of time. Since air is a gas, it can be measured either by its volume or its mass. Volume is what the manufacturers that produce air cleaners are interested.

For the most part, air flow depends on two factors: the power of the fan built into the air purifier, and the efficiency of the filter that’s inside.

Air Changes per Hour (ACH)

Put simply, ACH shows you how many times the entire volume of air inside a room is changed in one hour. Obviously, the higher the number of changes the better! The number of changes usually varies anywhere between 1 and 7 (7 being the most efficient).

Although we should choose the air purifier unit that is proportionate to our room’s size, I would suggest you to consider units that are able to perform 2 or more air changes per hour regardless of your needs and the size of your home. This is especially useful if your home has a permanent source of allergens or contaminants.

When looking at various models, bear in mind how many air changes you would like per hour. Some unit’s are cheaper but are only efficient when they’re set on full power (which can be noisy).


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