How to Know if a Product is Eco Friendly

Are you looking for a product that is eco-friendly? And you not know how to recognise if the company is “responsible company” or “green company”? 

Then, you should read this article know how to recognised if the products are eco-friendly. Here are our explanation.

1. Do your own research externally 

You can find more information about the company on the internet by simply typing their name in a search engine follow with the word of “environment” or “eco-friendly” or other terms. 

If the results are including about their data, news, and other relevant information regarding their “green company” things, then the company is really a responsible company. 

2. Learn about the Company’s PR 

Generally, if the company is trustworthy, they usually provide the sustainability reports on their website. 

Usually, it contains how they are trying to preserve the environment, and wants people know about it and join with their activity. 

Sometimes it called corporate social responsibility report or a sustainability report that every “green company” must have and updated each year. 

3. Watch-out the Packaging 

Take a look at their product’s packaging. Usually, if the company is following the “environmentally-friendly” their packaging is using recycled paper. 

If you want to know if the packaging is from recycled paper, the company must place the icon of NFC on their packaging. 

Not only that, sometimes there are ISO logos and other certification that represented “eco-friendly” 

4. Environmental Award or Accolades 

If the company is a “green company” or “responsible company” then they may have some rewards or recognition that annually given to corporations to protect our environment and earth. 

You can find this information on their homepage or other sites about their achievement is protecting our environment. 

That is 4 ways for you to recognised if the company or a brand is “eco-friendly,” you can find your own way to find out about their credibility and product quality and their impact on environment.