Coconut charcoal air purifier for the car


Instead of using one of those scented car air freshenersconsisting only artificial chemicals, consider an all natural version, which uses bamboo charcoal to eliminate odors.


If you’re a tidy single person with no pets, your car may still stay as fresh and clean as the day you bought it, but if you’re a family man, with kids and dogs, your car is probably smelling rather odd.

The standard measure to deal with those odours is to buy one of the cheap scented air fresheners and hang it from the mirror, but unfortunately, those won’t get rid of the smells. They will just cover up some of the odours by masking them in potentially harmful fragrances (which have been related to higher asthma risks).

Luckily, we still have another solution to unmask the odours. This eco-friendly air purifier uses a safe and all-natural component sourced from a renewable natural resource, which removes odour particles from the air instead of just masking them.

The air freshener that encloses activated charcoal made by coconut shells in a hemp fabric outer layer, is completely fragrance- and allergen-free, and is said to be completely safe for asthma and allergy sufferers. Indeed, activated charcoal is the most efficient of all air purifiers, for home, hospital and even painting cars in a detail shop.

The magic of the this air purifier comes from its coconut charcoal, which is said to be more porous than regular charcoal, and which effectively adsorbs the odour particles and traps them, eliminating odours and cleaning the air in your car.

Raucherkabine Outdoor

Raucherkabine Outdoor

Eine Raucherkabinen für den Außenbereich bietet mehr Vorteile als die Reinigung der Luft. Darüber hinaus garantieren unsere Lösungen eine effektive Beseitigung von Gasen, Gerüchen und anderen gesundheitsschädlichen Partikeln.

Die Gründe sind zahlreich und um mehr zu erfahren, kontaktieren Sie uns bitte noch heute. Unsere Outdoor Raucherkabinen bieten sichere, komfortable Räume für mehrere Raucher gleichzeitig, ohne dass die Umgebung durch Passivrauchen beeinträchtigt wird.


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