Air Pollution and How It May Affect You Surprisingly


We know pollutants affect our lungs. Similarly, it’s fairly simple to see how air pollution could be connected to problems involving the bloodstream, since pollutants enter it through the respiratory system. However, two new studies show links between air pollution and two other surprising areas: appendicitis and ear infections.

Appendicitis and Air Pollution

The appendicitis study was conducted by the University of Calgary. 5,191 adult cases of appendicitis were looked at very carefully. The admission date of each patient was compared with records of local air pollution levels for the same period of time. Based on the figures, the chances of developing appendicitis look to be more than double when air pollution is excessively high. Therefore, cases were highest during the summer, when air pollution is also highest. Although there is no definite answer, researchers believe that the inflammatory responses that can lead to appendicitis are triggered by exposure to air pollution.


Ear Infection and Air Pollution

In the study of a possible link between ear infections and air pollution, researchers took a closer look at 126,060 cases of ear infections and compared them to data regarding air pollution levels from the same period of time. They found out cases of ear infections went down – just as levels of key pollutants went down too. A possible connection between ear infections and air pollution may seem distant. But it is said that air pollutants could damage cilia in the body. Cilia – tiny hairs – are used to keep foreign objects out of the body, and are present in the ears. Therefore, it is possible that air pollution damages the cilia of the ears and makes a person more susceptible to coming down with an ear infection.


We produce air pollution and now we need to bear consequences. Staying indoors does not help as the indoor air quality is not really better. Then how can we keep our family healthy and safe? HEPA air purifiers are one great way. A HEPA air purifier, such as the Cocarb-made, can filter up to 99.97% of airborne pollutants from the air in your home, making air cleaner and safer.

Smoke Cabin

Smoke Cabin

Smoke Solution develops a set of efficient filtering system that can remove most of the airborne pollutants. There is an automatic motion sensor installed in each of the cabin and alternatively regulates the speed of the filtering system according to the movement inside the cabin. For their filters, Smoke Solution uses its own produced CO 2 neutral coconut charcoal. The harvest of the coconut shells is in a sustainable manner, without posing any harm to palm trees, animal habitats or the environment.

The ashtrays of the smoking cabins are fireproof and self-extinguishable. Lighted cigarette thrown into the ashtray will be extinguished and thus remove the risk of fire. Smoke cabins are modular and freestanding, they can be resized and relocated to fit in different locations, and follow the user patterns.

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