Activated Carbon in Water Filtration System

Activated carbon is the best choice for water purification whether it is for large commercial water treatment systems or in households. The benefits are maximum contaminant loading, high adsorption capacity, clean handling of filters and minimum product degradation giving a consistent pressure drop. Furthermore, activated carbon can remove impurities from large-scale, community-wide water systems as well as smaller scale, residential applications. 

Now, let us learn more about the activated carbon in water filtration system. 

How does the activated carbon works? 

Activated carbon work as adsorption and it is commonly implemented for the removal or low concentrations of non-degradable organic compounds from groundwater, drinking water preparation, process water or as tertiary cleansing after, for example, biological water purification. 

What does the activated carbon filters remove in water? 

Usually, activated carbon are great at removing chloring and bad tastes or odours. But, if the activated carbon that you use were certified by the NSF, it can remove other harmful contaminants such as pesticides. 

In fact, according to the EPA, activated carbon is the only filtering material that able to removes 12 identified herbicides and 14 pesticides, along with all 32 identified organic contaminants, such as chlorine and VOCs that affects the aesthetic quality of your drinking water. 

The uses of activated carbon in water filter 

The activated carbon in water filter can remove impurities by lowering contamination of water using a fine physical barrier, a chemical process, or a biological process. 

The activated carbon is used for reverse osmosis systems and other water filtration. When the water flows through active carbon filters the chemicals stick to the carbon resulting in purer water output. 

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